Sex robots 'will make make women interchangeable with technology', campaigners warn

Article here. So. A lot of women already replace men with dildos in the bedroom and cats in the living room. Why should anyone care if men do the same only use an android in both places? Excerpt:

'Ministers are “lagging behind” in efforts to tackle sex robots, experts have warned, amid concerns they could "make women interchangeable with technology".

Human-like robots are sold as substitutes for women and are marketed as “companions”, “girlfriends” or “wives”, a coalition of academics, abuse victims and activists have claimed and MPs and ministers are ignorant of the potential dangers.

“At a time when pornography, prostitution and child exploitation is facilitated and proliferated by digital technology turning it into a global profitable industry; these products further promote the objectification of the female body and as such constitute a further assault on human intimacy,” the campaign Against Sex Robots said in an open letter.

The “loudest voices” shaping government decisions are businesses and Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts who have an interest in curtailing any attempts at regulation, the letter said.'

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... is far more concerned with women no longer being able to hold pussy for ransom from men. And once men can fuck after paying once and only once for the honor of doing so, they fear that egad, women will actually have to earn ALL their own damned money by working instead of banging men for some or all of it.

Good heavens.

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