"I Love Being A “Girl Dad,” & That Means Siding With Women Over Men"

Article here. Excerpt:

'That same wife (she’s the only one I intend to have) is rock-star scientist, and infinitely smarter than I. My daughters (right now, ages 9, 6.5, and 2.5) play sports and excel at math and love grammar and fight like hell with each other and watch cartoons just like their male friends do. But I’d say my kiddos are more empathetic, more social, and more willing to work together than their respective male counterparts. They’re also just more aware; the five of us always joke at the pool that the only kids who splash are boys. (We call them the “splashing boys.”)
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades, our society is a pretty grotesque patriarchy. Actually, let me rephrase that: I’m a man and I’m ashamed and disgusted about the fact that even today, even in 2018, this crazy world still overwhelmingly favors men.

While my daughters are one inspiration for this perspective, I was a woke dude on this subject even before becoming a dad. In college, some of my (female) friends were victims of sexual assault. In my 20s, one of my closest friends was the victim of egregious sexual harassment. The last straw came last decade when I discovered a female freelance writing colleague earned about half what I earned for producing the same stories. When she told me our editor — a man, of course — had made snide jokes about his junk, I was enraged. I haven’t written for the jerk since.'

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There's something in the stuff that can do this kind of thing to an otherwise perfectly good man. Avoid it.

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Well, I'm a girl dad too and I love my daughter dearly, but that didn't make me reach the same conclusions as this idiot. The only people that repel me more than feminists are guys like this who are pleased to shit on other members of their sex by pretending that they are the ONLY good guys around. I'd be willing to bet that his wife secretly despises him for that kind of attitude, and his daughters will grow up with a patronizing contempt for all men. The fact is that women are attracted to strength in men, and when they see that kind of cringing apologetic behavior--even if on the surface the appear to be kissing up--they are repelled by it.

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He's a practicing patriarch who wants to destroy the patriarchy.

If he really wants to destroy the patriarchy, he could simply walk out on his kids and leave them without a father. That's what destroying the patriarchy means: depriving fathers of their children and depriving children of their fathers.

Of course, he thinks he's the only good father is the history of the world. But in the end he wants to deprive himself and other men of the very role that appears to give his life meaning and purpose: being a father.

It was patriarchy that made that role possible. And he wants to destroy it?

The blindness of some people is mind-boggling.

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People often compete with each other. Why or how depends on the context. In the matter of mating, men will throw other men under the bus to make themselves look more attractive by signaling their "loyalty" to females, hoping it buys them a higher chance of banging one. This kind of white-knight-and-the-only-real-white-knight thing is as old as the hills and is one manifestation of intragender competition among men vis-a-vis women. Women definitely have their own thing going on. Rather than attack other members of their sex in such a scatter-shot way, women personalize the competition usually by targeting a particular perceived rival and then dressing down her fitness as a mate vis-a-vis what she thinks men are looking for. Thus accusations of "slut!" are more likely to come from women aimed at women than from men, and further, they are more likely to be personal. ("Other women are all sluts!" : No. "That Jessica Johnson... she's a slut!" : Yes)

When I see articles by married men with daughters like this, while I find them revolting, to some degree I sympathize with the man who wrote it in that I am quite sure he did so with scoring points among all the females that engulf him in his mind. Pusillanimous, yes, but no moreso than watching soccer players constantly fall to the pitch grabbing their knees every time an opposing player so much as comes near them.

That really is pusillanimous as Hell. That is a tradition among soccer players that please, please, just needs to stop.

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"Running water on a sinking boat"


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