UK: "Use creative arts to ‘challenge perceptions of what boys do and are like’"

Article here. Excerpt:

'A crowd of teachers sacrificed their Saturdays last weekend and gathered at Westminster City School for a unique CPD experience organised by Carly Moran (pictured above), a regional leader of national women’s networking group WomenEd and assistant headteacher at the school.

Peter Broughton, Westminster City School’s head, explained his “boys to men” agenda and the challenges of supporting male students in inner London.

“The ‘boys to men’ agenda is about challenging boys to conceive of themselves in different ways,” he said.

“In creative arts in particular we have got a beautiful way to challenge those perceptions of what boys do and are like. It gives them some of those skills and characteristics they will need to take themselves forward.”

Many of the school’s pupils come from challenging backgrounds, and some are even involved in trafficking.

“I have permanently excluded four boys since I’ve been here. In all four cases they didn’t have a dad that was present,” he added.'

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"Schools need to give boys the skills to “be the best dads they can be”, delegates heard at a special conference that explored how to encourage boys to embrace feminism."

Let's destroy the patriarchy and the role of the father and tell men that have no place in the family--and that will allow men to be the best fathers they can be.

Come again?

We're completely lost in space.

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