What Feminists Can Do for Boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the many political ironies of our time is that feminism’s most powerful cultural moment has coincided with the rise of extreme misogyny. While women protest, run for office and embrace the movement for gender equality in record numbers, a generation of young, mostly white men are being radicalized into believing that their problems stem from women’s progress.

Whether it’s misogynist terrorism, the rash of young men feeling sexually entitled to women or the persistent stereotype of “real men” as powerful and violent, it’s never been clearer that American boys are in desperate need of intervention.

Though feminists have always recognized the anguish that boys face in a patriarchal system, we haven’t built the same structures of support for boys that we have for girls. If we want to stop young men from being taken in by sexism, that has to change.'

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Quick, take the boys away and either reform them or divert their attention to feminism. Turn them into little card-carrying feminists. The kind that lets himself be used as an ottoman in a women-only co-working space. (He's allowed in so long as he's on a leash and tied up or being led around by a female.)

Quick, before the MRAs/"Incels"/neo-Nazis get them...

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Laughing too hard at the concept of Jessica Valenti caring about anyone with the XY chromosomal makeup.

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Gay conversion therapy--trying to turn gay men straight--is illegal in many states.

So too, male conversion therapy--trying to turn men into something other than men--should be illegal.

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too late.

enter the 'MANGINA'!

what is it? is it a bird? it looks like a man. maybe its a plane? no its 'MANGINA'! able to squeal like a pig. leaps undaunted to the aid of any feminist in trouble. sells out fellow males at the slightest whim of a feminist. always secretly votes 'progressive' w/ his sister feminists. loves barrrack. loves hitlery. can't wait to pay lifetime alimony. thinks women should always be given automatic sole custody of children. the list is long, but u have already seen him, right?

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