"All Masculinity Is Toxic"

Article here. Excerpt:

'So, I was surprised and intrigued when I came across the powerful ideas of John Stoltenberg, whose theories kind of epitomize the fears of paranoid conservatives and undercut the more tepid critiques of machismo made by my fellow SJWs. In the past, the prominent feminist scholar has openly equated the idea of “healthy masculinity” with the oxymoron of “healthy cancer.” This is because he sees manhood as an identity built entirely out of oppression. He contends that the parts of manhood that we view as non-toxic don’t actually have a designated gender—and describing these actions or qualities as masculine just reflects our disdain for women. His emotive 1993 book The End of Manhood highlights his personal struggles trying to live up to the restrictive norms of manhood while guiding readers on how to drop the mask of manhood so that we can be free to give and receive love.

Stoltenberg was married to Andrea Dworkin, the deceased radical feminist whose polemic writing on patriarchy advanced incendiary and thought-provoking ideas that forced people to see oppression in places they often ignore. So it makes sense that his concepts on manhood would be pretty provocative. But having read his work, I was surprised by how much I related to his ideas and saw myself in his analysis. From the street and the workplace to the bedroom and the kitchen table, he always manages to find the persistent and pernicious dichotomy at the core of manhood that causes us to hurt others and ourselves.'

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A good man is one who makes a good ottoman for women and male feminists. But esp. women. Just get on all fours and let them put their legs and feet up on you.

If you can't bring yourself to do so, jump off a cliff. That is the next best way to be a good man.

Think that is hyperbole? Tell me... if you showed this post to Andrea D, would she disagree? Ie, if she were being honest?

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No wonder he hated being a man. Of course, he probably hated himself before he married Dworkin.

He should have found a good therapist.

At any rate, I can't give much credence to a man stupid enough to marry Dworkin.

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