Uni makes student reflect on 'masculinity' as punishment

Article here. Excerpt:

'A University of Texas-Austin student was forced to reflect on a film about toxic masculinity after a Title IX investigation found him guilty of harassment based on a non-criminal standard of evidence.

According to an internal letter obtained by Campus Reform, following an appeal of his sanctions, the student received a note from UT president Gregory Fenves stating that “nothing you allege, even if true, would change the ultimate outcome of this matter.”

The student—who requested anonymity—graduated in Spring with a JD. During his time in law school, a female student filed six Title IX complaints against him over two years: three for harassment, two for stalking, and one for violation of a no-contact order. 

Upon investigation, the student was found guilty of violating the school's harassment policy. The student, however, claims that the determination was made “on very questionable grounds” using the Obama-era “preponderance of the evidence standard,” rather than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” threshold used in criminal cases.'

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What was the point of the article? That they used the "toxic masculinity" as an excuse to make him sit through a lot of drivel? Perhaps the asswipe should have stopped harassing the woman and accepted that she meant no from the very start.

It's one thing to paint all men with the same brush but quite another to excuse obvious jerks because they're the same gender as you.

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Perhaps he should reflect on the fact that the university would not exist were it not for men.

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