What To Learn From The Social Justice Warrior Who Was Eaten By His Own Mob

Article here. Excerpt:

'The mob’s newfound interest in family cohesion at the Mexican border should be clear to anybody who can think it through: it’s a political ploy to use the kids as pawns in order to open the borders. The anti-thought Left cannot win arguments on the merits, and certainly not with rule of law or due process. So it needs bodies, and gets them with bribes: welfare, health care, and education subsidies.

The anti-thought Left cares as deeply about family separation as it cares about the emotional health of individuals like Barrett Wilson whom they enlist in their rent-a-mobs. If they cared about the emotional health of mob participants, they’d be interested in helping them develop means of independent thought rather than force-feeding them a diet of identity politics and ignorance in the schools. They’d have promoted family cohesion and happiness for children. Instead, they’ve addicted them to the emotional rush of “progressive” mob politics.

Family separation happens to be a centerpiece of so many so-called progressive policies that SJW mobs and their creators in the Democrat Party have been promoting for years. This includes, but is by no means limited to, family law—e.g., no-fault divorce, which forcibly separates kids from parents; medicine—e.g., Obamacare’s lower premiums for the divorced than for the married; education—e.g., teaching kids that their parents are bigots if they promote the cohesion of the organic family; and welfare policies—punishing mothers if fathers are present in the family.

In fact, the intentional breakdown of families has always been the crown jewel of such regressive policies because intact families have always been the bane of big government proponents. That has never changed since Karl Marx declared war on the family. Don’t expect it to change now.'

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... to the thinker's own eventual demise, be it literal or figurative.

Read: http://blogs.anderson.ucla.edu/anderson/2017/02/paramount-television-president-amy-powell-rewards-strong-tenacious-women-like-those-who-influenced-h.html

Now read:


Be mindful of the company you keep. These days the most "progressive" among us are more likely to be whacked by their nearest and dearest buds than any cowboy hat-wearin', gun-totin', cowboy boot-wearin', flag-wavin' EVIL WHITE MALE REPUBLICAN.

Kind of reminds me of the Stalin years in Russia and the disappearing commissars. One day Commisar X would be Stalin's favorite boy. Next day... "What happened to comrade-Commisar X?" "It is best not to ask that question, comrade."


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