Men walk in heels to help end violence against women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men in Rapid City took a “walk in her shoes” on Tuesday evening, to help end violence against women.
"This is actually a worldwide event; it started in 2001,” said Kristina Simmons, WAVI’s development director.

Simmons says it's a "fun, playful way" for the community to bring awareness to violence. And victims are not only women but "people in general," she says.'

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... I am going full-throttle. I mean, a short black skirt that just cries out "Fuck me against the alley wall outside the club at 2:00 AM while people leave the place watching in wide-eyed wonder", fuck-me red heels, a fuck-me top that barely covers my braless, rock-hard nipples and I have to be made up like a stereotypical hooker from the 1920s. Blood-red fuck-me lipstick.

And if I walk anywhere, it'll be down the sleaziest, filthiest street in the city, one with a well-earned reputation. I'll make a YouTube video of it and post it on-line, too.

Other than that, no way in Hell. :)

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But only if they're Jimmy Chus.

I don't want to be seen in some second-rate high heels.


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look what I found:

'looks like the X 1st wife/husband is out front again, and not just for the free seafood. he/she will soon be sporting the newest (and most expensive) fashions stolen tax payer $$ can buy. with bags of $$ this time grabbed right off the wooden pallets as they were loaded onto military cargo transports destined for Iranian despots (rhip), to your eyes. he/she is again, a world leader in fashion. among other fashion firsts, he/she will soon be sporting the new he/she jock strap w/ detachable cup for added protection -for those iffy nights at the b'ball game when keeping 'peter pan' (their pet name) in check is hard to do, what w/ all those smelly jumpers on the court. either way he/she flies, this action reporter will be there to catch all the latest 'jump shots', on and off the court.

pearl pops - action fashion reporter'

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And seamless stockings. I hate how the cheaper brands dig into the tip of your toes at the tip of the shoe.

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Did you know that you, as a man, FORCE women to wear ridiculously uncomfortable footwear? Likewise, did you know that women HAVE TO paint their faces, just for us? Well, now you know. I bet you never knew you had that much power!
Seriously, I get tired of the assumption that I am somehow at fault because poor, poor women HAVE TO wear such gear. Except they don't have to. They can wear sensible shoes for all I care. Or go barefoot.

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"Why do women have vaginas?" Answer: "So men will talk to them." My mom was pretty no-nonsense. She laid this on me when I was like 14. :) But it's true. Generally men don't care about women's make-up, etc. We may notice and/or appreciate it yes but we really, really don't care. What do we care about? Vaginas. Women have vaginas. Are you using them and in particular are you using them with ME? That is all we care about.

Hate to break the news but feminism has removed the utility of women to men as companions and life-mates. They do not do anymore as they do nothing that is really value-added anymore to men's lives. Keep house? Have kids and teach them to behave while we're out busting tail for you and them? Put out regularly? Stay with us during rough and easy times alike? Are you dedicated? Can you actually LOVE a man beyond his income? The answers to these questions used to be Yes. Now they are No. A Yes is so exceptional that to be unbelievable. Ie, meet a woman who fits that mold and she's probably working a con.

So this reduces women's relevance to men to the three holes in their bodies and their willingness to give them up to us for a REASONABLE price. Golden Pussy Syndrome is no longer tolerated. Failing that, we have no use for you.

This is the consequence of feminism. Women's liberation is in direct proportion to the drop in their relevance and value to men. The more "liberated" women get, the more value-less they become to men. Hence sex-bots.

Why the Hell they haven't built Femina yet I have no idea.

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