The making of a man: Our son is growing up with two moms and two sisters.

Article here. Excerpt:

'And our boys would certainly be more than the dangerous idea that they would simply be boys. They would be held accountable, and made well aware of their male privilege. But we would also teach them the good things they could do with that privilege. We would teach them about the benefits of holding a strong stance, but also do our best to explain that tenderness is a valuable quality.

It was not lost on me that someday I would be sending my sons off to school, camps and sleepovers. The day would come when the boys hit puberty, and their hormones would make them feel things and smell certain ways not understood by me, my partner, or their sister. Their bodies and voices would change and become foreign to them until time made everything seem normal again. But through all of this, they would have each other. And when the women in our house didn’t understand them at times, maybe they would find solace and solidarity in each other. The boys would be brought up in a home that challenges gender norms and redefines love. But how would that play out in a country filled with toxic masculinity?'

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"Toxic Maternity", defined: "Describes the effects that boys who have a feminist mother have on them, including but not limited to: shaming due to their very maleness, accusations made against them for being male, without cause, obsessive behaviors targeting the boys based on misandrist values, and all around abusing of the boys largely because they are male."

See: "Fucking up your kid"

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He'll be lucky if he survives to 30 without committing suicide.

And it's not same-sex parenting per se. It's two feminists who hate men that are the problem. It's like the Chief Doodad of the Ku Klux Klan raising a black kid. The really sad thing is how much the Ku Klux Klan and feminists have in common--the only difference is the object of hate.

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