Benevolent Sexism Attractive To Women, Study Shows

Article here. Excerpt:

'A controversial new study authored by Pelin Gul from Iowa State University, and Tom Kupfer, from the University of Kent, sheds light on what attracts women, and why.

Published in the peer-reviewed Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the study is titled “Benevolent Sexism and Mate Preferences: Why Do Women Prefer Benevolent Men Despite Recognizing That They Can Be Undermining?”

Citing previous research, Gul and Kupfer defined two kinds of sexism: hostile sexism, and benevolent sexism.'

Also see: Study finds heterosexual women prefer benevolently sexist men

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So let's say you believe in income redistribution. Let's say you're a good old-fashioned modern-day commie pinko. You think income ought to be redistributed so that everyone starts out with $50,000. OK, fine.

But because you are doing this favor for humanity, there is one exception. You get $1 million. Everyone else gets $50,000. Question: Do you object to that idea?

Hell no.

Why anyone would be surprised to find that "benevolent sexism" is attractive to women I have no idea. Fastest way a man can get into trouble is if he actually treats a woman the same way he'd treat a man. (Especially if he treats her the way he treats his old college buddies by walking up to them and grabbing their crotches and saying "How's it hanging there big guy??" :) )

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