SuperShe Island: the holiday where men are banned

Article here. Jump the paywall by Googling the first paragraph text. Excerpt:

'If the feminist struggle is a war, then this Finnish island is the boot camp of its elite forces. Think of it as Navy Seals training for feminists — with a bit more in the way of yoga mats and hygge. Peer between the island’s silvergreen pine trees and you can see them: crack troops, working hard at improving body and mind for the fight for equality. Doing plank pose. Going to lectures. Swimming in the sea. And, crucially, not bumping into any men.

Because SuperShe Island is entirely without males. Not one. Launched late last month, it has been created by Kristina Roth, an American of German descent who sold her Seattle-based management consultancy firm in 2016. The 3.4 hectare retreat in the Gulf of Finland has everything the discerning female might want — wild swimming, saunas, yoga, massages — unless, of course, she happened to want a Y chromosome. Then she’d be out of luck. As everyone here, absolutely everyone, from the chef to the cleaners to the woman delivering the fish, is female.
Critics of this modern all-female world have focused on its inherent paradox. SuperShe is an island created to help fight discrimination — but it is itself profoundly discriminatory. When news of the island first spread earlier this year, one critic told CNN it was “created by a rich, white woman for other women like her”. The Finnish equality ombudsman’s office investigated it to see if it classified as illegal discrimination. It cleared it.

“I am totally against discrimination,” says Roth. “I want to create the tools and confidence for the women to close the gap.” To see her retreat out of context of the wider picture — female discrimination, the worldwide gender pay gap — is, she says, unfair. Gender inequality primarily hits women; so naturally solutions are aimed at women. “If I would say our workshops [were on] vaginal rejuvenation, how is it discriminating against men not to invite them for vaginal rejuvenation workshops?”'

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Wonder Woooomaaannnnn!!!!

OK so long as they dress in those kewl WW outfits.

But seriously... who will establish Femina, a woman-only territory within a country? I say we give them Idaho. Or parts thereof. Then let them sort the rest of it out.

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