Law Professor Thinks Women Should Kill Alleged Campus Rapists

Article here. Excerpt:

'Campus rape isn't the problem it's been portrayed as in the mainstream media; the average campus is a safer place for women than the real world. Though even one case, anywhere, is far too many.

Law professor Wendy Murphy thinks she has a solution to the fake campus rape problem:


As a personal defense enthusiast and writer, part of me wants to applaud this.

The problem, of course, is that campuses have mucked up the definitions. They include things as rape or sexual assault that do not match legal definitions. For example, consenting women who later regret the sex have made "rape" accusations on campus, and punishments have indeed been given in such situations.

Murphy wasn't done, though. After some mentioned the issues with her statement, she doubled down:


Does she envision self-defense shootings happening in. say, an awkward, drunken encounter such as the one a woman publicized after having with Aziz Ansari?

As The College Fix notes, Murphy has a history of making statements that have little basis in reality. Most famously, she did so during the Duke lacrosse team rape trial as a cable news guest.

Unfortunately, I fear the damage has already been done. Someone is going to take Murphy's advice, kill a guy in a case that isn't actually self-defense, and then go to prison because she listened to the wrong person.'

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telling women how to protect themselves was "blaming the victim." This certainly suggests that women should take some responsibility for their own safety, which I thought women were never supposed to do.

I mean, women are not ten-year-olds. It's perfectly okay to tell a ten-year-old to avoid getting into a car with strangers, implying that the ten-year-old should take some responsibility for his or her safety. Ten-year-olds can handle that amount of responsibility. We all know grown women cannot.

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By the extension of that kind of thinking, the martial arts must remain the purview of men only. Teaching a female how to defend herself physically is suggesting she needs to prepare herself vs. a possible assault, which is tantamount to blaming her for the attack. And on it goes.

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