Six-figure judgment against uni after calling student accused of rape ‘motherf—er’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Southern California is paying a steep price for calling a student a “motherfucker.”

A California judge ordered the private institution to pay a student accused of rape $111,965 in attorney’s fees after finding that the Title IX investigation of “John Doe” was not “fair, thorough, reliable, neutral and impartial.”

The June 28 ruling by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White approved the six-figure fee request by Doe’s lawyer Mark Hathaway. That followed the judge’s March 19 order implementing her “tentative” ruling last year that USC didn’t follow its own policies in the investigation and must reinstate Doe, who was expelled.

The university let a biased official “advise” the review panel, omitted much of Doe’s evidence from the final report and failed to seek relevant evidence, including the testimony of the only person who allegedly saw Doe and his accuser together after the encounter.

The case was unusual because Title IX officials called Doe a “motherfucker” – and his accuser, “a catch” – after they forgot to hang up on a phone call with Doe.'

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