Of women and frozen eggs

Article here. Slow news day so I thought I'd post this. Excerpt:

'In the years since, many more women across the world have frozen their eggs. Many are highly educated. But the decision may have very little to do with work, at least according to a new study. In interviews with 150 American and Israeli women who had undergone one cycle, career planning came up as the primary factor exactly two times.

Instead, most women focused on another reason: they still hadn’t found a man to build a family with.

“The stereotype that these ambitious career women are freezing their eggs for the purposes of their career — that’s really inaccurate at the present time,” said Marcia Inhorn, a medical anthropologist from Yale University, and one of the authors of the study, which was presented Monday at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s conference in Spain.'

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... attractive at all... well, except just to fuck, maybe, but I'm not looking for that..." -- Convo between two successful 30-YO women looking at a group of auto mechanics

No surprise, really. Women tend to be hypergamous. When women out-succeed men generally, the appeal to women of men generally will decline. For most men, banging women is their biggest natural use for them. Men don't need women in a natural state or by and large socially to do much for them except fuck. Women however in a natural state need men in order to survive. This IMO is the result of eons of evolutionary over-specialization. Men have evolved to do stuff. Mostly, stuff needed for survival. Women have evolved optimized to push out kids and look highly fuckable so as to attract male attention. Feminism can't change this though it tries hard to deny it.

Female instincts have evolved to seek men who can do shit for them. It's all abt survival and providing for their kids. Male instincts have evolved to fuck women and be useful. So long as men outclass generally women socially, the system maps from nature to our contrived society pretty well. However when the script gets flipped, it's a classic fail.

What makes these women think their DNA is so damn special anyway that they need to propagate it? Frankly I think they do the future a favor by dying w/o issue. That's that many fewer ppl not born to wingeing feminist harpies. :) Seriously, this means a lot less more kids. Good. The fix for overpopulation indeed is education and economic and social advancement for women. They naturally stop reproducing when they don't really have to. That's a good thing.

But it seems that it comes at the cost of men. There are other ways to put a stopper on the baby factory w/o destroying the male sex, at least socially and economically. (Feminists are starting with that but I have no doubt have some kind of Final Solution planned, though it may come in the form of something far less overt and groteque as concentration camps. We'll see one day I'm sure.)

I think if the gov'ts of the world all conspired to poison the major sources of drinking water for the major urban centers of all our cities with chemicals that wreack havoc on human fertility, we'd have our fix all w/o needing to hunt down and kill the male population, metaphorically or otherwise. Think they've thought of this?

They really should get on the stick with this idea.

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