South Australia (again): "'Mansplaining' ad removed from future university building site, following online criticism"

Please avoid, boycott and divest from South Australia. Link here. Excerpt:

'An advertisement outside a future university building in Adelaide which attracted big criticism on social media has been replaced just days after making international headlines.

The ad hoardings outside the old Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) site featured an image of five women surrounding a man talking with his arms raised.

It wasn't long before the image circulated online, with many describing it as "mansplaining".

Ad removed from hoarding
The controversial ad — which belongs to {"White Ribbon Workplace"} Renewal SA — has been replaced with an advertisement for an open day.
A spokeswoman said the photograph in discussion "was taken from a series of engagement workshops held with real university students to showcase talented students actively expressing ideas for the future of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site".
"In recognition of the personal impact of the social media speculation for the individuals in the image, the image was replaced with details about the upcoming open day, on Wednesday 11 July.
'Master of mansplaining' post made international headlines

The advertisement was noticed around the world with one of Britain's highest-circulating newspapers, Metro, and the BBC both reporting on the ad.
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Never happens.

Dunno what I'd boycott if I boycotted S. Aus. Wine maybe? I almost never drink and when I do it's usually not wine though I am partial to cab. sauv. when I do.

Anyway, I wish them luck. They'll need it. When unis cave in such a craven way like this before what, social media and tweets by feminists, it says bad things about them, not good.

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I know I shouldn't let trivial things get to me, but few things get under my skin the way the word "mansplaining" does. It bothers me enough that I call women on it when I can, though I'm sure my protests have no effect. Here's what I wrote to one snarky woman:
"Your defense of the use of the sexist neologism “mansplaining” is anything but cogent. If “mansplaining” is supposed to be the condescending explanation of something to a woman, then what should we call it when a woman is condescending toward a man? Or do you think that never happens? Condescension is condescension, regardless of the genitalia of the person who is condescending, so why does the condescension need to be genderized? Only a sexist thinks it needs to be genderized, so you have just made it clear that that’s what you are.

Have a nice day."

I'm sure such protests won't make a dent, but at least voicing them lowers my blood pressure. My experience is that women "womansplain" far more than men "mansplain."

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Listening to someone complaining about sexist behaviour, while hypocritically using sexist language to stereotype and hate, is just inspiring. Particularly when it's finished off with a hapless helping of femsplaining about masculinity and being male.
The hilarious part is, these people are completely oblivious to how they are hating behaviours they are exhibiting and applauding.
They're just addicted to virtue signaling. You should be laughing!

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