Report: Gareon Conley suing rape accuser over false allegations

Article here. Excerpt:

'Gareon Conley has apparently decided to fire back at the woman who made a huge accusation about him just over a year ago.

The situation ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft was well-documented, and it wound up costing the Oakland Raiders cornerback in a big way. Conley was accused of rape after police were told the former Ohio State star sexually assaulted a woman in a Cleveland hotel room just weeks before the draft.

When all was said and done, Conley was eventually not indicted on any charges after the case went to a grand jury. Unfortunately, this decision came after the draft was in the rearview mirror and the cornerback's image had taken a pretty big hit.

The Raiders believed Conley's side of the story and did their research, so they felt comfortable selecting him with the No. 24 pick in that draft, but he was projected to go much earlier in the first round. Due to the impact the allegations had on his draft stock, it wound up costing the Raiders top pick quite a bit of money based on how the NFL rookie wage scale is set up.'

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