"Vulnerable Women Are Routinely Prosecuted – And Imprisoned – For False Rape Claims In The UK"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Britain’s approach stands in stark contrast to that of the US, Australia, Canada, and other European countries. Women in these countries do not typically face prosecution – let alone prison – for lying about rape, state prosecutors and experts said, because it’s not considered to be in the public interest. Norway’s public prosecutions authority, for example, said its priority is encouraging more victims to come forward and warned that “a low threshold for opening a false accusation case could counteract this goal”.

A spokesperson for the CPS told BuzzFeed News that it prosecutes “very few cases” of false rape complaints and this should not dissuade rape victims “from coming forward to report their assault”. Prosecutors treat these cases “extremely carefully” and consider the mental health and other vulnerabilities of the suspect before deciding whether to move forward.

False rape complaints can ruin lives. Even suspects who are quickly exonerated can face public scrutiny and lose their jobs and reputations. But such cases are rare: A 2012 Ministry of Justice study estimated that only 3% of rape reports were “perceived to be malicious”. In contrast, most victims don’t report a rape to the police and when they do, a successful prosecution is unlikely. Only one reported rape in 14 results in a conviction.'

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Then STOP making FALSE RAPE ALLEGATIONS, you idiots!

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If you don't wanna do the time, don't do the crime. And a false report of rape is a crime.

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its not just rape these paragons of virtue espouse to sublimate mankind. false accusations of domestic violence and child abuse/molestation are also common. I recently saw the low percentage of times (always below 10%) false accusations are made as put out by the local feminist/dem fantasy machine. cops and people in the know tell a diff story, sometimes upward of 50%.

i'm again reminded of the recent airing of an episode of nat'l geo which tells the story of one poor colonial woman who had 12 of her fellow citizens not only testify that she was a witch, they also put on a show for the judge/jury in court showing how her evil powers were, even there in court, still attacking these poor, poor female victims. this pitiful elderly lady was found guilty and immediately taken outside and hanged. much preferable to burning at the stake if u ask me. according to the n.g. program, 50k women were reportedly disposed of in this fashion, on the testimony of their female friends and neighbors. with women being scarce to begin with, its really hard to comprehend how/what drove people to such madness. I guess their descendants have yet to learn anything from history based on their inability to prosecute false accusations made by women.

what's that hitlery says? oh yeah, ALL women should be believed …

count me as skittish at best.

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