In Their Own Voices: Former feminists Explain Their Rejection of Feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'This collection of women’s essays and narratives will have a powerful effect on any reader who comes to it with an open mind. Many of the writers herein – happy pro-male warrior Karen Straughan, Australian psychologist and sex therapist Bettina Arndt, video-blogging champion of the falsely accused Diana Davison, academic contrarian and author of the popular Fiamengo File series, Janice Fiamengo – are now old hands at beating against the feminist current. They know both sides of every argument, but their opponents, like other ideologues, cannot conceive of another “side” and as a result, often lose debates that are judged on evidence and reason.

A more recent desistor from feminism, whose “conversion” aroused strong controversy, is Cassie Jaye, whose film, The Red Pill, chronicled her investigation of the men’s rights movement. She assumed she would find evidence to denounce it; instead she found evidence to renounce her assumptions.

“Meeting my Enemy,” Jaye’s narrative, opens the book. In it, Jaye admits that up until she made the documentary, she had never really listened to men’s claims for sympathy. But as a documentarian, she forced herself to listen carefully, and noted her responses.'

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