UK: Former MP blasts police as woman who made false child rape allegations against him is to face no charge

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former MP has launched a scathing attack on ‘politically correct’ police after they ruled a woman who made false child sex allegations against him should not be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice.

John Hemming said their refusal to seek charges against his accuser Esther Baker undermined the criminal justice system and would encourage ‘other fantasists’ to make bogus paedophile claims.

He hit out after Staffordshire Police informed him via email that following a ‘review’ of his allegations, it had decided there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to proceed with the case and no further action would be taken.

The email came more than three years after Mr Hemming first alleged to the force that Miss Baker had perverted the course of justice over her claims of child sex abuse. And it came nine months after the Crown Prosecution Service ruled that there was insufficient evidence to charge him over her paedophile accusations.'

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