Award-Winning Global Leadership Expert Holly Dowling Inspires "Not All Men Are Monsters" Movement

Article here. Excerpt:

'Award-winning global leadership expert and motivational speaker Holly Dowling—who in the past 20 years has impacted millions of hearts and minds worldwide, including Fortune 500 executives and her “A Celebration Of You” podcast listeners in 87 countries—recently started her “Not All Men Are Monsters” (#NotAllMen) movement, inspired by her own #MeToo experience. She first wrote about her vision to celebrate men in a Thrive Global article, “How I Rekindled My Light,” and subsequently discussed it in an interview with Dave Sanderson—Tony Robbin’s prior security director and a survivor of “Miracle on the Hudson”—for his popular “Declassified” show.

Dowling says, “I started discussing #NotAllMen in the #MeToo era because it’s important to recognize that not all men are bad or wrong. This topic has weighed heavy on my heart, and I felt the need to share my own personal experience where I was at the hands of a monstrous man—yet I know that there are so many good men out there. It is a vital time to have these sensitive conversations between men and women.”

The #NotAllMen idea has been met with an unprecedented amount of support from women and men alike. According to Sanderson, “Holly’s ‘Men are not Monsters’ interview/presentation on ‘Dave Sanderson: Declassified’ is his highest rated guest ‘Daily Flash Briefing’ he has had with over 8,000 listens to date!”'

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... for every one of her there are ten of them.

I'll let y'all know when it's safe to do anything with women on a personal level other than fuck and chuck them. It'll be a long time though so don't hold your breath.

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