UK: Crew call for comedy piece in London

Article here. Excerpt:

'Crew call for stand up comedy special, as part of feature-length documentary, The Free Model: Producer - £12 p.h. Three broadcast-quality camera owner/operators w/ sound equipment - £12 p.h. Runner - £10 p.h. Security - £12 p.h. Editor - £12 p.h. In a previous scene… Central London clothes-shopping street (High Noon) Cameraman (to passing women): ‘What should a man do on a first date if he wants a second date?’

Woman 1: ‘Pay.’ Woman 2: ‘Er… I’m gonna say… he should pay.’ Woman 3: ‘He should be FUNNY - and be good looking. …and pay. My name is Tom Martin - a pasty, balding, failed, men’s rights activist (as opposed to all those successful men’s rights activists out there), now directing The Free Model, an epic feature-length documentary on a mission - to encourage the single women of the world, to pay their halves, with me - so next up, I am preparing to perform 15 minutes of stand up comedy, in front of a small live audience of random passersby, in an intimate, deeply offensive to prostitutes, early evening showcase, to be filmed at a central London venue - the live audience unaware, it’s my first ever attempt at stand up.'

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