Patriarchy or no, it’s good to have dad around on Father’s Day

Article here. Excerpt:

'The radical feminist assault on men is certainly no gift to our children. To be sure, single moms can achieve great things, and grandparents, as was the case for President Obama, can raise an outstanding human being. But both girls and boys clearly benefit from the presence of two parents, which usually means a mom and dad. Of course, we should also favor the adoption of children into gay couples or by a single parent as vastly preferable to an abusive home or none at all.

But overall children raised in intact families generally do much better than those raised by one parent. This is particularly true for poor children, and racial minorities, where the lack of two parents, usually dads, is directly tied to declining economic mobility; over two-thirds of black children are raised single-parent, and are usually fatherless. No amount of fashionable sociological gibberish can replace the simple truth that kids raised with both parents do better in school, in society and life.
The role of men is different but not inferior. Active paternal involvement can contribute greatly to a child’s cognitive development, notes a recent British study. Fathers, in most case, are also far more likely still to serve as the primary family breadwinners with full-time jobs, particularly when children are small. For their part, two-thirds of mothers, notes Pew, would prefer to work part-time or not at all.'

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