Feminist Bookstore Closes From Lack of Sales, Blames White Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'An “iconic feminist bookstore and community space” is closing in Portland, Oregon.

What could be the cause of this retailer’s failure? People don’t want to buy their books? Perhaps the rise of e-commerce?

Not in the slightest, obviously. The problem lies in white power, patriarchy and white cisgendered feminism.

That’s the takeaway from a statement posted last Monday announcing the closing of In Other Words, a volunteer-run bookstore made famous by the television show “Portlandia.” According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, the store will be closing at the end of this month — and it’s all the fault of you blue-eyed devils.

“The current volunteers and board members stepped into and took over a space that was founded on white, cis feminism (read: white supremacy). It’s really difficult, actually, impossible, for us to disentangle from that foundational ideology,” the statement said.'

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WTF? Now feminists have anti-feminist feminism?

Are you an upper-middle-to-upper class white woman with decidedly left leanings? Is something not working for you?

It's not your fault. No, you are always right. The problem is white males. Somehow, they have done it to you. Again. Shafted. You have a big, throbbing, long, hard, white cock jammed ALLLL the way up your ass and further it is driving itself relentlessly into the trunk of your body. That huge white patriarchal Oppressor Phallus is jammed so far up your shapely, smooth, firm, feminine, round white ass it's practically coming out your mouth.

Just ask the Oceans 8 actresses and producer. It's big white cocks jammed up their asses that is doing them in. The content of the movie has NOTHING to do with things.

Big. White. Hard. Throbbing. Patriarchal. Oppressive. COCKS.

That's it.

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