Kenya: It is not masculinity, young men are just broke

Article here. Excerpt:

'As I scrolled through twitter this week — when I really should have been studying for my looming exams — I stumbled upon a trend #MasculinityKE.

In a long Twitter “thread”, a young man called Mariga W. Thoithi narrated how he was invited for drinks by a bevy of beauties who ordered expensive beverages, thinking that he would pay. Knowing that he was broke at the time, he only had two beers throughout the night and proudly declared how shocked his friends were when he told the waiter that he would only be paying for his drinks and the ladies would foot their own bills.'

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I can't tell if he's trying to be funny or serious. Anyway, I can't say I agree w/ his understanding of what it means to be a "gentleman" (a term I don't like largely bc it has become a term used to form the basis of a moral judgment/shaming move versus a term to use to laud a guy) but his advice to the guys is good: don't date them. The net result is that he is saying don't date. Most women will go ahead and take advantage of a guy out with a girl on a "proper date" regardless of her social class, so the natural conclusion of his advice is just don't date.

This is good advice. Dating leads to getting a gf which quickly turns into a nag-fest re marriage. Starting down this path inexorably leads to female lobbying for YOU to screw yourself by proposing to her. Avoid this mess by not dating. Fuck and chuck. Much better, not nearly so expensive.

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