Lawsuit challenges uni's sex assault policy, student claims uni biased against males accused of assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court by Deborah Gordon Law on June 4 on behalf of a male University of Michigan student, claims the University’s sexual misconduct policy does not provide due process to males accused of sexual assault and thereby discriminates against them on the basis of gender. The allegation follows a complaint brought forth by a female student who approached U-M’s Office of Institutional Equity on March 12 saying she and the male student had engaged in non-consensual sexual activity several months earlier.

In April, the University sent out a no-contact order against the male student. The female student then claimed the male student violated the directive by staying in the same dining hall as her, and the University reprimanded him via email. According to the lawsuit, however, the male’s Mcard records prove he was not in the dining hall at that time.'

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