Barbara Kay: The male crisis that's ruining our boys and no one cares about

Article here. Excerpt:

'As women’s roles expand, society’s need for men in their traditional roles as protector, provider and parent is shrinking. As men absorb society’s indifference or outright hostility to them, they feel increasing loss of “mission.” The news is replete with the bad things some men do, and much of the media tolerant of collective condemnation. Last week The Washington Post published a vicious denunciation of men by a gender-studies professor, entitled, “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” The content of the piece, replete with falsehoods to boot, bore out the scabrous misandry its title implies.

Farrell and Gray posit a new mission for men: “warrior parenting” — a shift in attitude that puts equal valuation on “hanging out” with kids as previously put on money as the primary male contribution to family. Much of The Boy Crisis is prescriptive, delivering sage advice on how mothers and fathers can contribute their unique parenting instincts (father roughhousing is crucial to boys’ ability to regulate aggression, for example) in creating a mutually constructive “checks-and-balances” family team.'

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To be a parent you need to reproduce. For men esp., this is a terrible idea. Kids are their mothers' extortive hold on the father. The law allows her to use them ruthlessly to control/abuse the father.

If a man does not have kids a woman has only threats of false accusations left. With kids her arsenal becomes much greater. So long as mothers rule the parent roost from a legal POV, men are best advised avoiding paternity altogether.

Truth can hurt but truth is truth. Denying reality doesn't save you from it.

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