Mindy Kaling's candid advice for men on dates

Article here. Excerpt:

'The actor and author gave some rock solid tips on pancakes (just order one) and toilet plungers (buy one before you need one), and recalled (very little of) her own commencement -- when Madeline Albright spoke.
"This one is just for guys: When you go on dates, act as if every woman you're talking to is a reporter for an online publication that you are scared of. One shouldn't need the threat of public exposure and scorn to treat women well; but if that's what it's gonna take, fine. Date like everyone's watching, because we are."'

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... why do ppl listen to them? Well to be fair, many successful/bright ppl have had little education but still did good in life. But actors? I mean, aside from ... acting... what do they do?

*I* can act! It's not that hard!

Anyway, re dates. Yes. Just don't date. Why does anyone go on "dates"? Utterly useless, esp. for men.

I suggest you bang McDonald's girls and go to sex parties instead. Much better.

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Stop acting like little princesses who are entitled to be worshiped.
Stop thinking you are gods gift to man kind (heads up, you're not!).
Stop treating men like tick boxes in your "real" woman bucket list.
Stop thinking that sex is all about men being good enough for you.
Stop thinking that male ejaculation equates with male sexual satisfaction (heads up, a lot of the time shorter sex duration is because sex with you is boring and men just want to get it over and done with).
Stop wasting billions of dollars on fashion competitions with other women (heads up, men are more interested in you than your designer handbag).
Start treating men like equals instead of supplicants.
Start paying your fair share of dinner bills.
Stop pretending that women don't want sex just as much as men, and are just as likely to manipulate, abuse power and coerce to get it when they want it.
Stop thinking the high moral ground comes automatically packaged with female sexuality.
And most of all, stop femsplaining about masculinity, you know nothing about it!

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... I couldn't be happier. Spending time with the typical modern woman on a date is an exercise in masochism. I believe the time has finally arrived wherein the only thing the sexes have left to do for each other is fuck.

And even then... be selective. Learn to spot crazy and don't stick your dick into it. But once you have that down, keeping to fuck-and-chuck is perhaps the best way to avoid the kind of bullshit guys in actual relationships with modern women these days have to deal with. Pussy's great but no pussy's worth the bullshit of today.

Find, feel, fuck, forget.

As men get older, supposedly we get more sentimental/romantic. Living in this age, the opposite has happened to me. Experience has taught me that the Fonzie approach to women is today the most pragmatic one.

Sad but true. You can ignore reality. But you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

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