South Korea: 220,000 people demand heavy penalties for false rape claims

Article here. Excerpt:

'More than 220,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the government and the National Assembly to toughen the law against false accusations of sex crimes.

As of Thursday, 220,450 people have signed the petition on the Cheong Wa Dae website. The person who posted the plea on May 25 said Korea needs a law that punishes those who take advantage of its faulty justice system with heavier penalties.

"False accusations destroy the lives of the accused and their families. Nevertheless, accusers rarely face legal consequences, and when they do, they get off lightly," the person said.

The call came after YouTube star Yang Ye-won's controversial claims that she was forced to model for pornographic pictures at a Seoul photo studio in 2015. After it was revealed that she asked the accused photographer to give her more photo opportunities, which she did not mention during her YouTube "confession," many people have doubted her claims and expressed fear of false allegations.

According to the Ministry of Justice's investigation guidelines, prosecutors and police cannot initiate investigations into alleged false accusations of sex crimes until they conclude that the accused is evidently innocent.'

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feminists have finally found their w.m.d. (weapon of maximum destruction), false accusations against men. for decades they have been looking for that knockout punch, that one thing that can bring down just about any man, a false accusation. the beauty of this weapon is that it comes in varying degrees of destructive power. it can be about making her bf/gf jealous or just because he didn't call her back the next day, false accusations run the spectrum. she can opt for just having him incarcerated for a short period to total annihilation w/ unfounded accusations of child molestation/rape - and it doesn't even require a real victim, just a false memory or a 'I heard that he ...'. the guy is toast. promising careers and families completely and irreparably damaged/destroyed for little to no reason at all. as far as feminists seem to be concerned, its the perfect weapon. oh, and if it isn't working as planned, how about a little 'piling on', as in #metoo. no matter that one can lie as well as 2, or 10. i'm reminded of the tens of thousands of witches burned at the stake in the early days of this country on the testimony of a dozen or more women at a time. truly a period in our history where women and the courts excelled at 'justice', wouldn't u say? let's not forget the serious penalties for women who spread ... oh wait, there are none. maybe a slap on the hand, maybe. even the fed laws are slanted against men thanks to a couple of 'feminist' presidents w/o a clue.

to compound the problem we have a citizenry who will believe just about anything bad about someone, and half-men who will carry water for a real witch in a minute if it promises him some tang. and don't forget our prized legal system that long ago abandoned any semblance of respecting the 'precepts of law'. to them men are people to be fleeced for fees, cs and long lasting alimony, and not real clients. divorce court is a good and obvious example of that. over 95% of 1st custody awards going to women? oh yeah, sounds 'equal' to me. almost all $$ distributed to be directed toward women and lawyers. then we send these loons to Washington to spread their corruption all over our once cherished institutions.

what a mess we have wrought when justice was no linger sought. (me)

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