Complainant admits to false allegation concerning contact with accused

Article here. Excerpt:

'There was some drama in provincial court in Stephenville on Wednesday as the alleged victim in a sexual assault case admitted to making false allegations against the accused in the case.

Continuing his cross-examination of the alleged victim, Mark Mills, defence lawyer for the accused teenage boy, asked the complainant if she had made false allegations by saying he had contacted her through Snapchat after she unblocked him from the social media site.

The alleged victim said she had, and her reason at the time for doing so was to avoid having to testify at the impending court hearing.
She said the morning after she made the complaint at the Stephenville detachment of the RCMP, she emailed a female RCMP officer and copied the email to a second RCMP officer and notified them of the false statement. The arrest was still made.

“I didn’t think it all through, no,” the complainant told Mills of her action.
Again on Wednesday, the alleged victim appeared in court via teleconference from a different room in the building.

The accused is facing two other trials relating to sexual assaults, set for later this month and August in Stephenville.'

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