Justin Trudeau in trouble over 2000 groping incident

Article here. Excerpt:

'As it turns out, ensuring that your cabinet has an equal number of men and women for the first time in Canadian history doesn't grant you immunity from your very own #MeToo moment.

That's right: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has won widespread praise from the world's liberals for his commitment to supporting intersectional feminism and multiculturalism, has been accused of a woman.

In an editorial published in the Creston Valley Advance back in 2000, a small paper in British Columbia, a woman recounts her experience of being groped by Trudeau, followed by an audacious apology where he admits that he wouldn't have groped her if he knew she would report on the incident.
Most recently, Trudeau unveiled a "gender equity" budget back in February hoping to eliminate the pay gap.

Of course, the "pay gap" narrative, as progressives tell it, leaves out important details, like the fact that the "gap" stems from preferences like women choosing more flexibility over responsibility, in part to enable them to act as caregivers for those who have children. Maybe if Trudeau would look at the data, he'd also consider taking action to eliminate the "reverse pay gap" where female CEOs make more than their male peers?'

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I've been ass-groped by female supervisors, back in college. Well I had a fetching ass back then and some women it seems couldn't keep their hands off it. (Whether or not my ass is still fetching is a matter of opinion but at my age young women in food service management positions probably don't see me as a fit target for their wandering hands.)

Groping is about power, not about sexual desire. Some kinds of sexual harassment are about actual sexual desire. The classic case: boss tells report they have to fuck them or else no raise, or job, etc. -- can be about both. But groping yields so little in sexual relief (ie, having an orgasm) that it can hardly really be about getting a sexual thrill. It's about violating another's personal space with impunity to demonstrate the power they have over the gropee.

As my own youthful experience shows, it can be persons of either sex doing it. It really should come as no surprise that gropers are usually ppl in positions of power in some way over others, or as in Trudeau's case, he thought he had power over the reporter. Turns out she had it over him. He gave it to her by trying to show his power over her. Hmmm. Interesting.

I once heard a very experienced karate instructor state that the strongest muscle is the one that isn't flexed.

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