Is Modern-Day Feminism Giving Women Rights Men Don’t Have?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Unfortunately, as extreme feminists push for further establishment for women in society, they often ignore the problems that men also face because these women are completely focused on female empowerment.

As it turns out, there are now several areas where women have won not only equality, but also an advantage over men. Men are actually beginning to see disadvantages in the society as the patriarchy falls further due to the feminist movement. Because of feminism, women now have several distinct rights that men do not possess but perhaps should.
Although there are still some issues for women to overcome in the American society, they have almost reached the point of full equality with men. Despite the extensive feminist complaints, women actually have more rights than men in some very important areas.

The government and society are consistently correcting the remaining social disadvantages, and women are now allowed to live in ways that would have seemed impossible less than a century ago.'

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