Australia: "Far right nationalists open private men-only clubs in Melbourne and Sydney"

Everything I've read about this group leads me to the conclusion that they're a bunch of silly yobbos with a myopic 'beer & bacon' view of masculinity, but I support their right to freedom of assembly.

Link here. Excerpt:

'Blair Cottrell, leader of far-right group United Patriots Front, said he had been working with others to establish the Lads Society "social clubs" for the past six months.
"Values once venerated such as courage, strength, nobility, resourcefulness and loyalty are being sapped from our young men before they come of age…," the club said on social media.
Griffith University criminology expert Professor Geoff Dean said the formalisation of the group into a bricks and mortar social club was a concerning development.

"They concern me these sorts of groups that get cloistered away — it almost becomes cultish," Professor Dean said.

"The thing with an online social media presence is that you don't have the same level of influence over someone if they are personally a member, and go to a gym, go regularly to meetings, sit within a physical space and relate to others.
However University of South Australia adjunct professor of law Rick Sarre cautioned against any future attempt by authorities to intervene in the men-only club.

"Their ability to assemble in that way is one of the precious freedoms we have," Professor Sarre said.

"The left can get together, unions can get together, so why can't the right?"

He said laws introduced in some states gave the police powers to intervene in clubs including outlaw motorcycle groups, but only when there was strong evidence that something illegal was happening.'

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Nonetheless, they have the right to assemble and associate. If they box while together, provided it's by agreement, it's all legal... well, unless it isn't. Don't know about AUS law on this topic.

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