UK: Rape evidence flaws may have put hundreds of innocents in jail

Article here. The inevitable outcome when law enforcement and prosecutors are pressured/threatened by feminist groups to "increase rape convictions". Excerpt:

'Hundreds of innocent people could be behind bars for rape and other serious offences because of the failure to disclose crucial evidence, legal experts have said.

The warning came after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was forced to drop 47 serious sex assault cases in just six weeks after a review found key material had not been shared with the defence.

The review was ordered in January this year after a string of rape cases collapsed at the last minute due to failures by the police and prosecutors to hand over evidence that could have proved a defendant's innocence.

Liam Allan, 22, a student who was accused of six counts of rape was cleared by a judge in December, after it emerged that his accuser had bombarded friends with hundreds of messages setting out her rape fantasies.'

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This is a signal example of the new trend of appointing ideologues to public offices requiring impartiality.
A string of Australian public officials have stated at the time of their taking office that they would pursue personal biases in the exercise of their powers. And they were applauded for doing so.
Racial discrimination commissioners, sexual discrimination commissioners, police commissioners, government ministers, have stated they would be pursuing the causes of those Australian citizens who were most like themselves; women, immigrants, LGBTQI, etc. These public offices that require office holders to be impartial and unbiased have been forever tainted by the abuses of power by those who naively consider their own opinions and beliefs to be self evident and unchallengeable truths. That pursuit of their ideological visions is a superior outcome to impartial application of the law, equally to all.
For my own part, given the misfeasance practised by people like Alison Saunders, I would never consider that I would be treated fairly and justly by any public, judicial or police officer. The impartiality of these offices has been corrupted, and law, justice or whatever you like to call it, has been replaced by political and ideological doctrine.

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