Melinda Gates goes Hillary

Article here. Excerpt:

'Here are other portions of her interview where Gates specifically says some criteria for how she invests in startups are race and sex. She clearly says she preferences women and non-whites over men and white people, specifically for these immutable characteristics that have nothing inherently to do with business success. “Over-index” is essentially a financial or data version of affirmative action.

"I am specifically looking at funds who over-index on women-led and minority-led businesses.

I’m asking a lot of business questions about how they will go about their funding, how they will over-index on women’s businesses, and how they will hold themselves accountable for a great return.

Some of these big firms often believe in the white guy in a hoodie disrupting a whole industry. So we’re going to disrupt it by making sure we’re indexing for women and minorities because they’ve got great ideas.

Many of them think if they have one female at the table, they’ve done their job. Another big one is when they say that they have trouble finding women. Those are just excuses. They don’t know what investing in these areas looks like until they get several women who are partners in their firm."

A white man could easily make products that meet minority women’s needs and desires, and vice versa. Their race and sex has nothing to do with their drive and ingenuity. But Gates implies that they do, which is weird and patently stupid, to put it mildly.

It’s not only Gates who feels comfortable revealing her race and sex biases when deciding where to spend some of her billions. It’s industry publications, too. ...'

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You were an IT project manager working at Microsoft when you started banging the boss. (#MeToo on Bill Gates? Guess not.)

You never started a business or ran one much less an investment firm. Yet by marrying a hugely wealthy/successful man, you got your mits on literally BILLIONS of dollars you only earned by fucking Bill, the man who actually did so.

A page right out of herstory... specif. Hillary Clinton and Kirsten Gillibrand. Crazed feminist elitists have this in common: they marry wealthy men then use that money and position to push feminism, which produces nothing but bullshit as ideologies go.

Further, Mrs. G needs a lesson in sound investing. The race/sex of the ppl running or working in a co. is meaningless. Only the market relevancy of the good or service they produce matters. Your husband knows this but apparently you don't.

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