The forgotten male victims of honour-based violence

Article here. Excerpt:

'The UK has seen some shocking cases of honour-based violence and murder. But most people would be surprised to learn that many of the victims of this horrendous abuse are men. Despite 20% of cases of forced marriage relating to men, they have become the forgotten victims and as a result there is very little help available to them. There is a dearth of empirical research into this issue but we hope our ongoing study will help find some solutions.

Honour-based violence occurs when the actions of a victim are perceived by their family to have damaged its reputation. There could be a number of reasons for this, including having a relationship outside marriage, being too “westernised” or refusing to enter into a forced marriage.

Two of the most notable cases in the UK involved the murder of young girls by their families. In 2003, Shafilea Ahmed was murdered by her parents because she had refused to enter into a forced marriage. And in 2006, Banaz Mahmod was also murdered on the orders of her father and uncle for “dishonouring” the family.'

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