Clothing Retailer Pushes Feminism on Young Boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'The clothing company J. Crew has a new product aimed at turning children into “feminists” as soon as possible.

Cartoon Network president Christina Miller told the popular YouTube channel Big Think that anyone who wants to “change the world [must] start with kids” in 2017 — and J. Crew agrees. Its Instagram page recently sparked a political debate with the image of a boy dressed in a pink shirt with the message, “I am a feminist too” printed on the chest.”

“Start ’em young,” a caption with the May 25 post reads.

The “crewcuts” apparel is the result of a collaboration with the online custom retailer Prinkshop.

The $30 shirt riled up followers who said the message treated children like political pawns.

“Leave the kid alone,” wrote one critic.'

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Still to this day. I watch WW. The series for all its comic book cheesiness still far outclasses that horrible recent WW movie. That movie left me feeling deeply unfulfilled. I CRAVED knowledge of WW the woman. I wanted to know her insides, her heart, the depths of her mind. What did she think of the world and her place in it? What made her sad? Happy? What were her dreams? Who was the woman under the outfit?

Instead, bupkes. Nothing. The movie did NOTHING to explore her on the inside. Furthermore, she was rendered as a one-dimensional nearly-speechless character who just jumped around whacking Nazis. All well and good but hardly good character or plot development.

I walked out not angry... just terribly, terribly hurt.

To this day I don't know where Lynda Carter fits into my psyche. Is she mother? Sister? Auntie? Not lover. Nope, not even possible.

But for all my exposure to WW as a child, I am still not a feminist. In fact, I am listed somewhere as an ARCH-ENEMY of feminism, an EVIL SINISTER PATRIARCHAL DOWNPRESSORMAN, to be reviled. Boys, don't grow up to be a... a... an... MRA!!

Putting an "I'm a feminist" tee-shirt on a toddler who can't even read I reckon has about as much effect on his sociological and political leanings of the future as dressing that same boy in a little dress would have on his sexuality.

If wearing a dress made a boy gay, countless boys who have been dressed up as girls by their older sisters would have all been made gay by it. And that hasn't happened.

Same idea here.

Still, I do think putting toddlers in swag for any reason is just plain stupid.

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