Men Need Not Apply: Women in Comedy Festival Celebrates Female Performers

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Women in Comedy festival is happening right now and runs through this Sunday, June 3rd.

With a mix of performances, workshops and more happening at the Planet Ant Theatre in Hamtramck, the mission of the festival is to celebrate diverse perspectives and the female voices that are part of the comedy scene here in metro Detroit.

In the late 90s, Nancy Hayden helped found the improv troop at Planet Ant which still performs today. She will be featured at the festival this year.

Hayden speaks with WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper about the rise of improv and how opportunities for women in comedy are changing.

Hayden says when she was first starting out, most women were cast “for their looks” and “to play the wives…the secretaries and the nurses.”'

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Simply put... most lean way too much on just being female. Most of their jokes center around their ladyparts. It's dumb.

When I had XM I used to listen to the Comedy channel. Most comedians are not that funny but 3 or 4 stood out as being LOL. Only one was female. Can't recall her name but the thing that stood out re her style: she never appealed to her sex in any of her jokes. Amy Schumer for example, politics aside, is indeed intelligent and has a good sense of humor... but as comedians go, she seems obsessed with her own ladyparts and femaleness. This simply isn't funny. The best comedians avoid the standard crap and actually tell funny jokes and stories.

These kinds are alas in the minority.

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