Australia: Online sexism targeted in world-first 'bystander' project

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last year the UN special rapporteur on the promotion of freedom of expression, David Kaye, said “online gender-based abuse and violence are undeniably a scourge, and governments and companies should be taking action against it”.

But Gender Equity Victoria’s manager, Jacinta Masters, said governments had not known where to start to tackle online violence against women. “For a long time the internet has been seen as too big or too overwhelming,” she said.
Masters said women were tired of waiting for major social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter to address the targeting of female users and stamp out pages and users promoting revenge porn and misogyny.

The project being led by Gender Equity Victoria will work with moderators at media organisations to help them understand the gendered nature of violence. But a major part of the initiative, Masters said, would be empowering online “bystanders” to speak up and call out sexism.'

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"On-line violence towards women": Disagreeing w/ a feminist or indeed any female if you happen to be male.

"Misogynist postings": Anything like TRP or MGTOW sites or parts of sites.

It's far easier to work for the UN chasing after people posting stuff on-line than going after ISIS extremists forcing women to be covered head to toe or getting their vulvas chopped off.

So much easier to sit and surf the web instead.

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The Victorian government has introduced gender diversity programs into the curriculum of all K-12 schools, including training in toxic masculinity and women and "their" children as perennial victims.
This little gem omits one known fact. Most trolling of women on the internet is posted by other women, not men. So what is this little program aimed at.... clearly not domestic violence (defined in Victoria as violence by men toward women). It's just another misandrist brick in the war on masculinity, using the "all men are violent misogynists" myth as an excuse.

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