If we don’t want our sons to be monstrous men, we have to help them curb their anger

Article here. Excerpt:

'I have never had a job where the mood wasn’t set by the temperament of men.

I’ve witnessed men chuck pens, wadded paper, whatever was in their hands, at a wall or down a hallway the second frustration struck. Once, when asked a question, a man slammed his hands on his desk, pointed to his female colleagues, and yelled, “If it’s easy, ask them.” When men would do this in front of me or to me, I would often give them a look of “Now, now, this is a bit much.” I have lived too long to cower. And yet it was never my place to fight back or escalate. It was my job, much like the job of every other woman in the office, to withstand the rage of men, quell it even. We were pacifiers in pencil skirts.'

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I went to comment. After signing in I got a notice saying I was banned from commenting. Apparently I have challenged the WaPo's fembot leanings a bit too much. I am in fact proud now to be banned by the WaPo from commenting. Apparently only by agreeing with its editorial biases are commenters welcome.

I was going to suggest two things in re the article. 1. Why ask boys to repress anger? Instead teach girls to express their anger. 2. If a woman doesn't like anger or angry men scare her, she can go work in a woman-only co-working space. In fact, she can lobby her co. to create woman-only office spaces. Dunno if Google has these but I bet they would if someone asked for them.

I'm fine with female-only work areas in offices. Only thing having women around in an office does for a man is increase his chances of being accused of whatever. I am fine w/ women working in offices, being CEOs, etc. I'd just feel more relaxed if they weren't around. The only thing they can do for me is accuse me of, I dunno, ogling their tits or something, and I'd rather they just bug off and leave me in peace. So really, Corporate America, go for it.

Besides, in an office space made up of only men, I can talk about shit like Doctor Who and baseball all without females asking things like "Huh, what is that?"

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