Ask Amy: My co-worker sees injustice, racism and sexism where there isn’t any

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dear Amy: I am a male with a female co-worker, “Danica.” I like Danica. We have a similar sense of humor, and I get the sense that she wants to be better friends.

However, she has a strong (and unwarranted) tendency to see injustice, racism, sexism and homophobia in innocuous interactions.

For example, once outside of work, I innocently inquired as to whether she was happy in her life, and she viewed this as a sexist and patriarchal question that basically reduced her to a damsel in distress.

However, as I explained to her, this is something I ask my friends of all genders.

She sees harassment, condescension and coercion where there isn’t any.
Dear Frustrated: While I’m tempted to advise you to say, “Oh, Danica, you’re so cute when you’re angry ...” I don’t think I can help you to best this social justice warrior, because no matter how you respond, she can always accuse you of using your “privilege” to dominate her. So query her about her own intolerance.

She needs to be given the opportunity to exercise the kind of tolerance that she would no doubt champion, in a different context.

The next time she shuts you down, you could ask her, “Danica, are you willing to try to be more tolerant toward a viewpoint that doesn’t always align perfectly with yours?”'

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For your own good and perhaps reputational safety, I suggest you disengage from Danica and stop hanging out with her. Only talk to her when absolutely necessary on work-related matters.

She's bat-shit.

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