Prof calls for ‘toxic masculinity’ training in kindergarten

Article here. Excerpt:

'A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater professor is urging schools to implement “Men’s Projects” to fight “toxic masculinity” in children as early as kindergarten.

In a recently published issue of On The Horizon, Kathleen Elliott argues that "finding ways to promote healthy masculinity early and to teach boys and young men to recognize, reject, and challenge simplified, toxic masculinity is essential for creating cultural change.”
The scholar further argues that in addition to implementing Men’s Projects in K-12, one of the key strategies teachers can use to fight toxic masculinity is to “highlight women’s achievements in curricula and in the classroom.”'

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I can foresee a day when the only historical figures mentionable in classrooms include pioneering feminists and nurses.

The Founding Fathers, virtually the entire history of science, and indeed most of human history, will simply not be taught.

Students will of course know what Susan B. had for breakfast.

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And who is deciding what is acceptable masculinity? Oh, women who hate men, how wonderful.
Professor Elliot knows nothing about masculinity, simply because she is not a man. She has no place in any discussion about masculinity. Her views of men come only from femsplaining misandrists and feminist hate speech.

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