Women CEOs still a rarity, but pay tops that of men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Female CEOs remain scarce at the biggest publicly traded companies but those who hold the top job receive pay competitive with male peers.

Women make up only 5 percent of the CEO ranks at S&P 500 companies. Yet median compensation for a female CEO was valued at $13.5 million for the 2017 fiscal year, versus $11.5 million for their male counterparts, according to an analysis by executive data firm Equilar done for The Associated Press.'

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So many factors to consider. First, 5% vs. 95%. The 5% to 95% ratio is simply too small for sampling purposes. 20% to 80%, then maybe you can talk.

Second, cos. look good to critics when they hire female CEOs. There's a big push to do so -- even if the female candidates don't out-qualify the male ones. Management staffing decisions are routinely about politics, not competence. Think of how many bosses you've had who you were by any measure more competent than -- and yet, they got promoted. It's personalities and politics, not competence, that drives the great bulk of mgt staffing decisions. True at every level.

Female sr. mgrs. know they are highly desirable as CEOs *because* they are women. So naturally they get multiple competing offers when looking for a new job as a CEO. And so, they can hold out for more money than even more-competent male CEO counterparts.

The harsh truth of reality. Fair? You want fair? You came to the wrong universe.

This is the universe we live in: at any time a really big rock travelling at, oh, 18000 mi/sec could slam into the planet Earth, smashing it to millions of bits. Immediately, EVERYTHING dies. Not a scrap of life left. Gone. Billions of years of planetary history and evolution GONE. Forever.

THAT is the universe we live in.

You want "fair"? Fuck no. You don't get it. None of us do. And so it goes.

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