"Ladies Get Sued": How A Civil Rights Law Could End Women-Only Events

Article here. Excerpt:

'Claire Wasserman says she had never heard of men’s rights activists until she was sued by those affiliated with one group last fall. Now she’s well-informed about the world of incels, MGTOW ("mig-tow," Men Going Their Own Way who want as little as possible to do with women), and some of the determined individuals around the country who believe her work is sexist — and illegal.

Wasserman founded Ladies Get Paid 18 months ago to provide salary education and professional advancement tools for women around the country. The company hosts events, workshops, and webinars (ranging from free to ticketed at $15-$25) on topics like negotiation and career pathing. Hundreds of women have used the platform online and in person to network, recount their experiences with harassment, find mentors, and share job opportunities.'

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MRAs, MGTOW men, and Incel men are all getting conflated. The media shows little interest in diffetentiating the class of person. Allow me.

MRA: Men's Rights Activist. A person of either sex who supports the furtherance of one or more issue associated with the MRM. By implication, he or she views modern feminism as not supportive of true equality between the sexes as a class but supportive of women as a class to the exclusion of men. MRAs are male and female, married and single, in or not in a personal relationship. They generally don't make personal decisions around rel'p status based on their MRA-related beliefs but some may.

MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way. A MGTOW man is one who has decided for whatever reason(s) to avoid getting into an LTR with a woman. His particular reasons will stem from his assessment of the rel'p dynamics between the sexes and based on that decides LTRs with women are not worth the costs associated with them. MGTOW is principally a personal decision matter and typically isn't a political or social statement but for some individuals, it might be.

Incel: Involuntary Celibate. A man who has by his own account attempted to have sex with one or more women and hasn't succeeded in getting her permission or interest in it. Generally to be an Incel he must repeatedly fail to succeed at getting a woman to have sex with him despite what one would consider reasonable attempts. The Incel is typically perplexed at his inability to successfully find a female interested in having sex with him.

These are three rather different kinds of person. Conflating them ill serves the goal of portraying reality accurately. But that never stopped the media before!

I have a comment or two re Incels. I think there can be many diff reasons why a guy has trouble landing a girl to screw. An Incel may just be going about things wrong. It could be his approach, his expectations, his comm'n style, his looks, etc. I also note that most so-called Incels are younger men, late teens, early 20s. To these younger guys I say: Sexual frustration and getting denied is a stereotypical part of young manhood. Alas because of biology, you are at your sexual peak while the girls have another 10 years before they hit theirs. Guys, 20-something females who are as horny as you are the exception, not the rule. For every really horny, easy 2x girl out there, there are maybe 5-10,000 horny 2x guys to match her. This is Nature's little practical joke. It sucks. Deal with it. Believe me, the future is yours. At 45 or so you'll have a much easier time bedding women. Of course by then you may not be as interested but again, this is Nature fucking with humanity. For their part, 4x+ women soon find that unless they are quite MILFy, no one wants them to blow them much less bang them. At that point they start screaming bloody murder. Sorry ladies, but it's now your turn.

Oh yeah, another thing to say to Incels: 1-800-DIAL-A-WHORE. If banging whores is good for Charlie Sheen, a guy who in his history has lived with, slept with, and regularly banged at least one pair of hot incestuously bisexual porn star twin sisters, then really, what's stopping you?

By the time you're 40 we'll have high-quality sex droids anyway, so no big deal. Keep things in perspective. :)

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Quite concise and thought out. I would add a 4th. one, however. There is also the PUA (pickup artist) group, who supposedly inspire men to become less "beta" and more "alpha" by encouraging them to use their techniques to pick up women, such as "negging" etc. This is controversial with the other three main groups that you've identified.

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