"The Truth About Incels"

Video here. Watch the whole thing.

The Truth About Incels: "The world's deadliest virgins."

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I posted this bc MRAs and "incels" are frequently mentioned in the same breath. But to say MRA = Incel is to show you don't know too many of either kind of person.

I have my own ideas. I agree with Dan Savage to a degree in that gee, these guys can skip the bullshit and just bang hookers. But do these guys forego banging hookers because to do so is to "admit loserhood"? I am not convinced. Men of all types and stations bang hookers. Charlie Sheen was notorious for banging whores and though you may criticize some of his life decisions, you can hardly declare him a loser. Plenty of famous/successful men banged/bang hookers. John F. Kennedy banged hookers daily. I have read that MLK Jr. also banged hookers at least sometimes. So my point is this: men have been paying women quid pro quo for sex for a long time. And they are from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life -- as are hookers.

No, I'm reasonably certain that the guys who have committed acts of mass-murder ostensibly because they had trouble getting a girl to fuck them did it primarily because they were nuts. As the video says, plenty of guys have trouble getting girls to blow them and yet they do not commit massive acts of violence.

If it weren't trouble getting pussy, it'd be something else.

As for the leftist male-hating piece contributing to these incidents... possibly. I've said it before so I'll repeat my notion: going nutty like the Santa Fe guy is probably a threshhold thing. For nutjobs, it'll always be something, just a question of what. The latest nutcase had reportedly the following things going on: bullied at school, rejected by a girl he liked a lot, and subjected to anti-male indoctrination. I agree these are tough things for a teenage boy to live with. But alas a lot of teen boys live with these things but they don't shoot up the school. But when a kid is crazy, it could have been any one of those things that put him over the edge. But the key factor was probably that he was nuts.

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