UK: Let’s criminalise the men buying sex, and spare the women they exploit

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Women’s Equality party is currently the only UK political party that wants to end demand by criminalising the purchase of sex and to help women leave the industry by decriminalising the selling of sex. The WEP is very pleased therefore to see these recommendations at the top of this APPG report, and we pledge to work with MPs from all parties to make this a reality.
The WEP believes we must change the law with immediate effect so that women never risk being prosecuted for selling sex. The WEP wants a national conversation about the realities of the sex trade and the inseparable link between prostitution, trafficking and coercion. The WEP wants to establish and fund support for survivors of the sex industry, including exit services for women involved in it. The WEP wants to criminalise the purchase of sex, in order to curb demand. And the WEP wishes to ensure that trafficked women have a legal right to remain in the UK and access to tailored support services. Because the WEP wants a world that is equal. Because an equal world is better for everybody.'

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... prostitution is legalized. Think about it: women will be able to be hookers openly, styled as "victims" even if they post all their own ads and book all their own "dates".

If they have a problem with a guy, they'll be able to call the cops on him and not get into trouble. It's just that simple.

In any given city in the UK, there are thousands of hookers. After such a law gets passed, it'll be tens of thousands.

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