The ‘girl’ in Girl Scouts will remain, and for good reason

Article here. Excerpt:

'We have not and will not be admitting boys to our organization. There is no organization that more thoroughly understands the value of programming designed specifically for girls, delivered in an all-girl learning space. Those programs are resoundingly effective.
The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is the largest girl-run business in the world — girls raise millions to fund their Girl Scout activities and learn the entrepreneurial skills they will one day need in the corporate world. And if they want to earn their Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouts, they gain an honor recognized as a benefit in college admissions and will enter a rank higher should they join the Armed Forces. Gold Award projects are as impressive as the girls who achieve them. One candidate’s project this year has been working within the STEM community to create prosthetic hands with 3D printers.'

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... boys to go around hussling cookies, you'd let them in in a flash. Truth is, boys would rather piss their pants than go around pushing cookies all so a few greedy women can keep most of the plunder for themselves. Girl-run business my ass! It's run by greedy exploitative women.

Robots and STEM badges? Yeah, real popular. Bet the BSA has a merit badge for making dolls, too, but it's probably about as popular as the GSA robot-making merit badge.

I have yet to hear of a single boy, except ones who think they are in fact really girls and want to wear dresses, seek to become Girl Scouts. And yet, it seems there is a huge pent-up desire by plane-loads of girls to go where the boys are. Fancy that.

Of course if the GSA also admitted boys, one would be forced to ask: why have two scouting org'ns? Oh yeah... cookies. The GSA might have to give up using little girls as cookie whores to line the pockets of adult women. Ugh, my skin fairly CRAWLS thinking about how these supposedly-adult women are pimping out these girls to sling cookies like common street-walkers.

It makes me want to VOMIT.

No wonder so many girls want into the BSA. There, they won't be WHORED OUT to hussle goddamn cookies.

But as I have said, this change will come at a price. Lawsuits and knocked-up female Scouts BSA girls. Oh well. What ya gonna do?

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