Bill to keep pregnant women out of jail while they await trial reaches governor's desk

Article here. Excerpt:

'What started as a shouting match in a Cook County courtroom last year is now on the verge of shaping state policy for pregnant women in jail waiting for trial.

The contentious case heard in August before a longtime judge inspired a bill — passed last week by the Illinois House and Senate — that seeks to reduce the likelihood that expectant mothers charged with nonviolent offenses will be held in jail as they wait for their cases to be tried.

The bill requires judges to find an alternative — such as electronic monitoring, placement in a drug-treatment facility or personal-recognizance release — for women likely to give birth while in custody. Judges can order pretrial detention only after holding a hearing to determine if a woman poses a threat to others. The provisions apply only to women awaiting trials in county jails, not those sentenced to prison.'

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Read a story about 10 or 15 years back about a group of pregnant women in Mexico who ran around robbing banks. They just walked in and passed a note threatening to shoot the place up if they didn't get XXXX pesos. Then they left. They didn't run. When caught by the police later they were not arrested b/c at the time, Mexican law prohibited arresting or detaining pregnant women.

Dunno if it's still true... but years ago anyway, pregnant soldiers in the US Army were listed as "temporarily disabled" and then put on the sick list. This exempted them from being deployed. So to get out of deployments they didn't like, some female soldiers would just fuck guys until they were pregnant. Deploy time'd come and go then 2.5 mos. later they'd get abortions.

So in answer to the question: "Would women ever use their ability to get pregnant as a way to obtain some kind of benefit for themselves?", the answer is "Hell, yes." The bizarre idea that females as a class behave in some way, uniformly, more nobly or righteously than do males, is a pussy-begging, ass-kissing leftover bullshit chivalrous notion from the Middle Ages meant to do something, I dunno what.

Looks like that path of foolishness is being trodden once again.

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