Dem House candidate promises to curb 'mansplaining' if elected

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Maryland House candidate says in a new ad that she is running for Congress because there is too much "mansplaining" in the federal government about health care.

Nadia Hashimi says in an ad announcing her campaign for Maryland's 6th District that Congress has “too many multimillionaires and politicians ‘mansplaining’ health care."

“Is there a female doctor in the house?” a narrator asks in the 30-second ad, running on Maryland television stations, as the camera shows the exterior of Hashimi's home. “There is in this house.”

“But zero female doctors are in this house,” the narrator adds, as the camera changes to show the U.S. Capitol.'


Dr. Nadia Calls Out "Mansplaining" in Congress

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... to get women not-elected say to alienate and offend male voters so bad that they stop voting for you, then claim sexism is to blame when they lose?

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Ah, too much mansplaining going oh, huh? So she wants to womansplain everything. It sounds to me as if she doesn't have an agenda, but only a gender. "Vote for me because of my genitalia!"

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