Men Cry Discrimination in Legal Attack on Women’s Organizations

Article here. Excerpt:

'Alfred Rava, a San Diego lawyer, counts himself as a fierce warrior in the fight against gender discrimination, but not in the way most people think. His targets have been women’s organizations and women-only events which, he says, are illegally biased against men.

Over the last dozen years, Rava, 62, has gone after the Oakland A’s for giving away swag to women on Mother’s Day, forced a San Diego fire agency to cancel a “girl’s empowerment camp” and won a landmark ruling from the California Supreme Court challenging a supper club’s higher admission fees for male patrons. He says he’s “batting a thousand.”

Recently Rava has taken aim at the small but growing cadre of businesses and groups designed to empower women in their careers. Co-working spaces, like the Wing, and professional development networks like Ladies Get Paid have gotten more popular in the last few years in part, they say, because women are seeking refuge from the discrimination they face in male-dominated professional spheres. But Rava says their female-focused remedy is unfair to men.'

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