"Male lawmaker offends female colleagues in Louisiana House -- again"

Article here. Excerpt:

'For the second time in three years, state Rep. Kenny Havard, R-St.Francisville, offended his female colleagues in the Louisiana House of Representatives by making comments that women in the chamber considered derogatory.

"We all want to be equal until it is time for men to be equal," Havard said while discussing a bill aimed at protecting women prisoners Thursday night (May 10).
Havard drafted an amendment that would have made the same restrictions apply to women correctional officers that work in male prisons.
But the women in the House chamber were upset that Havard had chosen this particular piece of legislation -- which is meant to address safety and hygiene issues for women prisoners -- to make a point about political correctness in the media.
"There are some vulnerabilities that women have that men don't have," Stokes said.

"Tell me what they are because I thought we were all equal," Havard replied.

Stokes ended her comments by saying: "In my opinion, you are disrespecting women."'

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That equal treatment of men and women always means special treatment for women--in this case, because women have "vulnerabilities" that men don't have.

And if a man calls for equal treatment of both, it's considered unfair for women.

Maybe women/feminists don't really want equal treatment. What they want is beneficial treatment, whether it's equal or not.

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